The fastest of them all
The fastest of them all

SCARA robots

Easy to integrate into production systems

We developed a high-speed SCARA robot in collaboration with Manz Automation in a project sponsored by PROINNO II. We were responsible for the concept, mechanics, electronics, control algorithms and the interface to various final effectors.

The arm length of the robot is 800 mm (optionally also 600 mm). In this way an optimal utilization of the work space is guaranteed. The robot has a mechanical and electric interface for application specific grippers. A wall fastening is possible in the console version. The SCARA robot is produced cost-efficiently from standard components. It can move across its complete work space (1.5 m) in less than 1 second. Its repeat accuracy is ± 0.2mm. The SCARA robot can handle small parts extremely quickly (Pick-and-Place). The SCARA robot reaches the speed of the delta-robots without any problems and can, thus, outplay the advantages of the SCARA kinematics. Due to its flat design parts can be fed into or taken out of a press or another machine. Doing without the bulky rack necessary in the delta-robot leads to an easier integration into production systems and to a considerable reduction of the total weight.

Our approach: from the conception, the simulation and the first design, the FEM analysis, the final design and the controller development up to the qualification of the components, the assembly of the prototype and the optimization – everything from one company.

Load capacity Cycle time
Adept-Cycle (25/305/25)
 0.5 kg  approx. 330 ms (=180 ppm)
 3.0 kg  approx. 600 ms (=100 ppm)


Presentation at the Robotics Conference in Dresden

14th to 15th November 2018, Hilton Hotel Dresden

At the 4th "Robotics in the Automotive Industry" conference at the Hilton Hotel in Dresden, you will have the opportunity to get in touch with top-class industry experts, take part in workshops and make your professional network strong for the future.

In the course of the event, SENSODRIVE CEO Norbert Sporer will be giving a short presentation...

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