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Valve actuators

High precision valve actuators for the paper industry

The crucial difference between our valve actuator and a conventional valve actuator is its high-precision, forceless position sensing on the unloaded second bearing pin. Due to the sophisticated position control the highest possible precision and reaction speed are achieved.

The input signal to the valve electronics can be an analogue control signal (4..20 mA), a step-direction control (24 V, 400 Hz max.), CAN-Bus or Profibus-DP.

The positioning range of the valve of 90° can, in this way, have a resolution and positon control accuracy of over 8000 steps. The speed can be set between 1 and 300 s for the complete range of motion of the valve (90°).

The torque of the brushless motor is transferred onto the valve with a compact planetary gearbox. An emergency manual override is, of course, also possible.

The controller is integrated into a compact cabinet. This provides an additional analogue feedback signal, which can be evaluated by the process system control.

The valve unit consisting of drive, spherical sector valve and rotary encoder is designed in the protection category IP 65 and for ambient temperatures of -10 °C to +60 °C. The actuator can be attached to spherical sector valves of the nominal diameters DN 80 to DN 250. The advantages of these high-precision valve drives are the reasons why they can also be used for test stands in which the most varied media, e.g. air, have to be precisely controlled over a wide range.

Presentation at the Robotics Conference in Dresden

14th to 15th November 2018, Hilton Hotel Dresden

At the 4th "Robotics in the Automotive Industry" conference at the Hilton Hotel in Dresden, you will have the opportunity to get in touch with top-class industry experts, take part in workshops and make your professional network strong for the future.

In the course of the event, SENSODRIVE CEO Norbert Sporer will be giving a short presentation...

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