Hit the gas - at zero mph!
Hit the gas - at zero mph!

SENSO-Pedal Pro

Change the pedal characteristics at the push of a button?
No problem with the SENSO-Pedal Pro.

This active force feedback system allows simulations of a new dimension.
The sensors meassure - the pedals react – exactly like a real car would!

You want to conduct a study?
Each variable can be changed independently!

You are a developer?
Design the optimal pedal characteristics!

You are future oriented?
Make sure you experience the feeling of driving in the development phase before the series implementation!

Feel the SENSO-Pedals Pro!

Technical Data SENSO-Pedals Pro:

  • Rated active brake pedal force: 600 N to max. 1.200 N
  • Pedal speed: 1,4 m/s
  • Pedal travel: 86,2 mm
  • Adjustable ABS effect parameters
  • Adjustable force feedback in real time

 Data sheet


Presentation at the Robotics Conference in Dresden

14th to 15th November 2018, Hilton Hotel Dresden

At the 4th "Robotics in the Automotive Industry" conference at the Hilton Hotel in Dresden, you will have the opportunity to get in touch with top-class industry experts, take part in workshops and make your professional network strong for the future.

In the course of the event, SENSODRIVE CEO Norbert Sporer will be giving a short presentation...

More information...

SENSO-Pedals Pro
SENSO-Pedals Pro
Graphical User Interface
Graphical User Interface
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