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Corporate Structure

Sensodrive has been working intensively on innovative mechatronic developments for over fifteen years.

With the number of contracts increasing, the size of the company has grown rapidly as well.
Staying adaptable is crucial.

Where innovation meets reliability and unbelievable technologies meet strong service - that's where robust corporate structures are needed. Sensodrive is carefully built on sophisticated scaffolding that we regularly monitor and maintain, and we don't hesitate to replace obsolete concepts with modern approaches.

With the development of a new domain system that bases our work on five main domains with respective leaders, we have taken another extremely successful step to increase the productivity and transparency of our business.
Through close cooperation between domain leaders, project leaders and management, we guarantee the best possible communication and cooperation within and outside our company.

That makes us a strong team that we are proud of.

Get to know us and our strengths.

Sensodrive. Where progress is lived.


Key facts

Founding year 2003
Employees 40
Industries Robotics
Medical technology
CEO Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Sporer