We’re making history.

Our history

Sensodrive is a spin-off from the German Aerospace Center.

Our success story begins in 2001, when two researchers have an extraordinary idea.

2001. The idea.
Modern space travel developments are futuristic – and often far ahead of the state of the art in industry.
At the German Aerospace Center, an idea is emerging and slowly taking shape. Two researchers – Norbert Sporer and Matthias Hähnle – set themselves an extraordinary goal: to make space robotics suitable for industrial use.

2003. From the idea to the company's founding.
It´s time. The company Sensodrive launches onto the market with its first products – the Sensodrive torque sensor and an innovative steering wheel simulator.
With two founders and one employee. So far ... there will soon be more.

2004. From foundation to growth.
A gap – a real gap in the market is becoming increasingly apparent.
Sensodrive's basic structure is designed for innovation and creativity on the one hand, for quality, reliability and economic viability on the other.
And so the young dedicated team is growing more and more, as is the number of well-known customers.
The demand for individually developed and adapted drive solutions is immense, especially in the automotive and medical technology sectors.
The product range is continuing to evolve too.
In addition to its leading role in drive technology, Sensodrive is known for its state-of-the-art force feedback products. Right from the start, numerous development contracts for new mechatronic concepts have been part of our successful day-to-day work.

From growth to ... – the extraordinary company we are today.
As the company size increases, Sensodrive's structures are adapting too. A new domain system is being created, ensuring growth, productivity and the reliability that has always been our hallmark.

The history that makes us what we are today. Our history.

Sensodrive. Because you need more than the standard.