Norbert Sporer is SENSODRIVE´s CEO.

He started his scientific career at Munich University of Applied Sciences, where he studied electrical engineering.

After successfully completing his studies, he had the opportunity of graduating in the field of automation technology within just four semesters at the renowned Technical University of Munich (TU).
Meanwhile he was able to deepen his knowledge as a development engineer as the Chair of Control and Feedback Engineering at the TU Munich.

In 1994 he started working at the German Aerospace Center (DLR)'s Institute for Robotics and Electronics.
There, the scientist quickly took over responsibility for lightweight robot development and set new standards in robotics with his ideas.

He achieved his great goal – to bring the results of the research into the industry – in 2003. Together with Matthias Hähnle, he founded the company Sensodrive, for whose success he still works as managing director.