Best performance for high-end driving simulators

With its high-end simulator products, Sensodrive GmbH offers high-precision force feedback technology for driving simulators, and its numerous high-tech solutions have made it the preferred partner of almost every major automotive company, supplier and simulator manufacturer for years. At the Driving Simulation Conference (DSC) 2023 in Antibes, we will be showcasing, among other things, our market-leading force feedback steering wheel "SensoWheel" and the new active SensoPedal Pro throttle pedal.

Sensodrive at the DSC 2023 EUROPE VR
7-8 September 2023
Palais des Congrès d'Antibes, France
Stand no. 18

The Driving Simulation Conference (DSC) is the leading international trade fair for driving simulation technology. Every autumn, commercial simulation providers and driving simulation specialists from both industry and academia meet here to learn about the latest developments and industry trends. With our market-leading simulator products, we have been one of the leading providers of force feedback solutions for decades. At this year's DSC 2023 EUROPE VR in Antibes, France, we will once again be presenting numerous high-end simulator products that achieve the top performance in their fields.

SensoPedals Pro – outstanding performance thanks to exceptional actuators
The active SensoPedals Pro are now available as throttle and brake pedals and offer unique application possibilities in driving simulators thanks to their high-precision force feedback technology. Every conceivable behaviour can be changed individually and the pedal characteristics of the SensoPedals can be adjusted at the touch of a button. This makes it possible to design simulations with complete flexibility, switch between different types of vehicles in a matter of seconds, and experience a 100% realistic driving experience right from the development phase.

The active pedals' unique advantage, in contrast to passive pedals, is their ability to give the driver an actively adjusted force feedback in the simulator. This means even complex scenarios can be presented with total realism, e.g.:

  • preventing further acceleration through cruise control
  • braking deceleration due to the intervention of the ABS system
  • resistance when approaching an obstacle


SensoWheel – the No.1 force feedback steering wheel
The SensoWheel simulator steering wheel is the preferred choice of almost all major international car manufacturers, suppliers and simulator suppliers. It has already been implemented in over a thousand simulators thanks to its completely precise and realistic performance. Its three model variants cover every area of application, from the compact entry-level version to the powerful high-end steering wheel for racing simulators.

"The SensoWheel impresses above all with its extraordinarily sensitive force feedback and completely realistic steering feel simulation," explains Sensodrive Managing Director Norbert Sporer. "Steering wheel torque, damping, friction, spring stiffness and end stops are freely programmable, which allows the SensoWheel to offer unparalleled possibilities for the perfect implementation of the most sophisticated simulation software." cosin scientific software AG has also recognised this and has now expanded its market-leading simulation model FTire to include an interface for SensoDrive's SensoWheel.

Two market-leading solutions that enable a new level of performance for driving simulators

The high-frequency physical FTire tyre model from cosin scientific software can now be easily connected to the most technically sophisticated force feedback steering wheel on the market. The SensoWheel then converts the high-precision tyre dynamics simulation into haptic feedback with complete realism for the "driver" in the simulator. The driver can feel the road structure through the steering wheel exactly as they would in a real vehicle.

Whether summer or winter tyres, highway or cobblestones – thanks to the perfect interaction of Sensodrive and cosin, the corresponding driving experience can now be felt up close in the simulator. This makes the simulation of a full vehicle model more realistic than ever before.

Experience the Sensodrive product highlights live – at DSC 2023.

The SensoPedals Pro, the SensoJoint complete drives and the SensoWheel will all be presented at the Sensodrive stand at DSC 2023. You can experience the product highlights at a hands-on station on the trade fair stand and obtain comprehensive information from the Sensodrive experts.