HRC cluster seminar in Augsburg

Safe robots without protective fences in production – requirements for collaborative systems

Human-robot collaboration (HRC) in production.

Human-robot collaboration is one of today's hottest topics – and Sensodrive's area of expertise.
That's why we're committed to keeping our expertise in this field up to date at all times.
The cluster seminar "Safe robots without safety fences in production – requirements for collaborative systems" in Augsburg will focus on news about the Machinery Directive and the successful use of HRC.

And what about Sensodrive's role? We will use the SENSO-Scara robot to show seminar participants how robots can be quickly and safely made fit for HRC – with the help of torque-controlled drives.

What's the aim of our extensive training? To continue providing you with the exceptional expert advice that you have come to expect from us.

For more information and advice on the production of HRC-ready torque-controlled robots, contact us now!


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Kongress über Mensch-Roboter-Kollaboration (MRK) auf dem Clusterseminar in Augsburg - Congress on HRC in Augsburg