Leave phobias behind in the driving simulator

Sensodrive provides simulator products to support research project by TU Munich and University of Regensburg

Amaxophobia – millions of Germans suffer from a fear of driving
Fear of driving – known as amaxophobia – is one of the most widespread phobias in Germany. It is believed that several million Germans are affected and some of them experience anxiety at the mere thought of an upcoming journey.

TUM and the University of Regensburg research therapeutic options with a driving simulator
The Chair of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at the University of Regensburg is conducting research using virtual reality and interactive simulators to study phobias and develop therapeutic approaches. The researchers in Regensburg have developed a driving simulator in collaboration with the Technical University of Munich (TUM) for such a research project in the field of amaxophobia. Here the test subjects can be safely subjected to realistic driving situations (exposure therapy). This method has proven to be very effective and is also very appealing to the patients themselves.

Completely realistic driving experience thanks to Sensodrive simulator technology
As one of the world's leading companies in the field of simulator technology, Sensodrive regularly supports universities and research projects. In this case, too, we were delighted to be involved as a research partner and provided the researchers with some of our high-quality simulator products for their project. A SensoWheel SD-LC force feedback steering wheel and three SensoPedal simulator pedals now provide high-precision haptic feedback to give the 'drivers' in the simulator the feel of driving a real car.

SensoWheel SD-LC – the leading simulator steering wheel on the market
To ensure their research results are valid, it is particularly important to the researchers that the driving simulator developed gives the test subjects a completely realistic driving experience. Sensodrive was able to provide the market's technically leading force-feedback steering wheel: the SensoWheel SD-LC. With an extremely high-resolution encoder, excellent control engineering and a state-of-the-art motor, it guarantees extremely realistic force feedback and a completely ripple-free driving experience – ideal for particularly demanding simulator applications where maximum precision and realism are required.

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SensoPedals – simulator pedals that set new standards
Sensodrive was also able to offer an optimised pedals solution for the driving simulator. The SensoPedals provided are particularly robust simulator pedals that can be customised to the respective force and travel requirements. A load cell on the brake pedal means they can provide precise force measurements independent of the pedal movement as well as extraordinarily realistic haptic feedback.

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Image credits: Copyright Michaela Gabes, Universität Regensburg