Sensodrive and cosin allow new performance level

Two market-leading solutions that enable a new level of performance for driving simulators.

Good news for the manufacturers of high-end driving simulators. The tire simulation specialist cosin scientific software has expanded its simulation model FTire to include an interface for the Sensodrive SensoWheel.

From now on, the high-frequency physical tire model can be combined with the most technically sophisticated force feedback steering wheel on the market, which realistically converts the high-precision simulation of tire dynamics into haptic feedback for the "driver" in the simulator. The driver feels the road structure through the steering wheel exactly as they would in a real vehicle.

Whether summer or winter tires, highway or cobblestones – thanks to Sensodrive and cosin, the corresponding driving experience can now be felt up close in the simulator. This makes the simulation of a full vehicle model more realistic than ever before.

SensoWheel – the No. 1 simulator steering wheel
The SensoWheel from Sensodrive was the first direct drive force feedback steering wheel on the market. It has been implemented in over a thousand simulators to date thanks to its completely precise and realistic performance. With three model variants, it covers all requirements from the compact entry-level version to the powerful high-end steering wheel for racing simulators.

The SensoWheel impresses above all with its extraordinarily sensitive force feedback and completely realistic steering feel simulation. Steering wheel torque, damping, friction, spring stiffness and end stops are freely programmable, making the SensoWheel the preferred choice for renowned automobile and simulator manufacturers.

FTire – The Virtual Twin
cosin scientific software AG is a simulation software provider for sophisticated tire and road modelling for vehicle dynamics simulation. The core product, FTire, is the leading high-frequency, universally applicable tire model.

Virtual testing is crucial, and driving simulators and other hardware-in-the-loop systems are increasingly replacing real-world testing. The availability of FTire throughout the total development cycle is unique and ensures consistency for all simulation applications.

Together with numerous partners worldwide, cosin offers a wide range of services for measuring tire data, identifying parameters and surveying road surfaces.