Sensodrive at the SPS 2021:

Sensodrive at the SPS 2021 in Nuremberg, Germany

Do not miss this opportunity to evaluate the complete set of new safety features offered by our SensoJoints. Welcome at booth 322, hall 1.0

For nearly two years, personal contacts on trade fairs have been impossible, so the SPS 2021 will be one of the first interesting events, useful to get to know a great variety of technological innovations directly on the spot. Of course, Sensodrive did not hesitate to participate and will present for three days the unique safety features for the SensoJoint product range, which will be available to the clientele in the course of the next year.

New safety features for the well-known SensoJoint complete drives:
All of the features can be discussed and evaluated at the booth of our development partner Synapticon. These elements are intended for SensoJoints to be integrated into driving systems of robots and cobots:

• Safe Torque Off (STO)
• Safe Stop 1 (SS1)
• Safe Stop 2 (SS2)
• Safe Operating Stop (SOS)
• Safely Limited Speed (SLS)
• Safe Brake Control (SBC)
• Safe Torque
• Safe Position
• Safe Speed

SARS-CoV-2 Regulation for trade fair SPS 2021
Alternative: Digital Platform
As the SPS (Smart Production Solutions) represents one of largest trade fairs for electrical automation, it provides a comprehensive overview of latest developments of components in this sector, up to complete systems and integrated automation solutions.

Note that the access to the trade fair is restricted to fully immunized and recovered persons (SARS-CoV-2 regulations), otherwise make use of the digital platform „SPS on air", for detailed information concerning the exhibitors.

Contact at the trade fair

Sensodrive at the SPS 2021
From 23 to 25 November 2021
Exhibition Site Nuremberg
Hall 1.0
Booth No. 322 (Synapticon)