Sensodrive is supporting the Baltic Racing Team with SensoWheel technology

We congratulate the students of Stralsund University on completing their racing driving simulator with Sensodrive technology

The international design competition "Formula Student Germany" is held annually, organised by the Association of German Engineers. The competition involves student groups, working as a team, designing and manufacturing a one-seater formula racing car which then has to compete in the international construction comparison of all participating universities at the Hockenheimring racetrack.

Sensodrive supports the Stralsund University construction team
Just like the engineers in Formula 1, the students taking part in the Formula Student competition continuously work towards improving their car and racing facilities. The Stralsund University Baltic Racing Team can rely on Sensodrive's unique expertise. As a development partner we're happy to support the Stralsund students in developing their racing car simulator — and, with Sensodrive hardware, to make a contribution to the successful development of the Stralsund racing car.

Bring on 2024 — New simulator successfully completed
The Baltic Racing Team has just reached an important milestone in development for the 2024 competition. The Stralsund students presented their brand new race-driving simulator, which can be used to take vehicle development to a new level, without the need for expensive test drives. And Sensodrive technology was able to meet one of the major challenges when building a driving simulator — recreating the experience of being behind the wheel, driving a real car, as faithfully as possible.

Realistic haptic feedback with the SensoWheel
One of the most significant sensations in a driving simulator is the haptic feedback of the steering wheel. This is the only way the driver knows how the vehicle reacts to the condition of the road surface, whether a curve can be taken faster or whether it is better to drive more slowly.

Hence Sensodrive provided a SensoWheel for the new Baltic Racing Simulator, that was slightly modified by the students and successfully integrated into the new simulator with an adapted steering wheel rim.

We wish the Baltic Racing Team great success
We're really pleased that we could help in the development of the new racing-driving simulator with our SensoWheel — and that the Baltic Racing Team can now optimally prepare for next season thanks to strong technology partners. We wish them great success for the Formula Student 2024, we wait with baited breath for the results and look forward to more news from the Baltic Racing Team.


Image credits: Zenker (c) FSG

Quelle: Zenker (c) FSG