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Sensodrive presents the new active SensoPedal Pro simulator pedals at the IPG Open House Germany

Good news for digital vehicle development. The technically leading SensoPedals Pro simulator pedals are now available as accelerator pedals in addition to the brake pedal. Sensodrive will present the exceptional active pedal simulators in March at the IPG Open House Germany:

Sensodrive at the
IPG Open House Germany 2024
12 March 2024
Karlsruhe Convention Centre
Gartenhalle, Stand 11

Experience leading force feedback products for high-tech simulators live
Experience the SensoPedals Pro's impressive performance live on site in our SensoTM simulator cockpit – in perfect synergy with the (also technically leading) SensoWheel simulator steering wheel. Our Sensodrive experts will happily take time to offer in-depth, individual advice and show you the various possible applications.

New product: SensoPedal Pro accelerator pedal
The active SensoPedals Pro will also be available as an accelerator pedal in 2024. This means that the entire pedal system can now be simulated with active force feedback pedals – which ensures a 100% realistic driving experience even in the development phase.

The advantages of SensoPedals Pro at a glance:

  • High-precision force feedback, adjustable in real time
  • Absolutely realistic simulation of the driving experience
  • Pedal behaviour freely programmable via force-position characteristic curve
  • Damping can be individually adjusted for each segment
  • Wide variety of freely programmable software end stops (e.g. metal, spring, soft rubber)
  • Direct force command with high bandwidth (1ms tact)
  • Software-controlled pedal characteristics
  • Predefined haptic ABS simulation with a variety of parameters (shape of the wave, frequency, amplitude, ...)
  • Direct active feedback available – kickdown, dropdown, pulsation.
  • CAN 2.0B interface

The SensoPedals Pro are available with various performance options. They can be used as a standalone solution or integrated into any setting. Pedal combinations with the passive SensoPedals are also possible.

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Once a year, IPG Automotive's Open House Germany brings together automotive manufacturers, suppliers and experts from all over the world to exchange ideas. The event is one of the most important industry gatherings in the field of digital vehicle development and an international platform for the presentation of vehicle development technologies and innovations. In 2024, the Open House Germany will take place on 12 March in the Gartenhalle in the Karlsruhe Convention Centre.

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Sensodrive – the perfect simulator performance thanks to market-leading torque technology

In the field of high-end simulator products, Sensodrive has been the preferred partner of almost all major automotive companies, suppliers and simulator manufacturers for years. Thanks to market-leading torque technology and globally unrivalled torque-controlled actuators, our force feedback solutions regularly set new standards:

  • Extremely sensitive and precise
  • Absolutely realistic simulation of physical effects
  • Interfaces to the world's most important high-end simulation software
  • Quality made in Germany
  • Extremely robust and completely maintenance-free