The future moves with Sensodrive.

In a figurative sense as well, SensoJoints are used to show the way in the course of the development of the innovative automated driving approach UNICARagil.

UNICARagil develops the automated vehicle for future.
The approach of an automated driving method on the basis of a completely new vehicle structure – with this target in mind, leading German universities founded a cooperation in 2018 together with selected specialists from the industry. Meanwhile the first prototype of a modular and scalable vehicle structure has been presented to the public, intended to revolutionize the mobility in future. In these completely driverless electrical systems, the driving platform and the add-on modules -i.e. the capsules used for passengers and load- are completely separated from each other. This sophisticated design enables an extremely flexible adaptation to individual configurations in logistics and passenger transportation to be achieved.

Sensodrive shows the way.
Together with the project consortium, the high-tech company Sensodrive has developed an innovative steering unit, allowing absolutely new movement forms in road traffic.

The main element consists in steering angle actuators, developed on the basis of SensoJoints. By means of these actuators, which are directly mounted to all of the wheels, each element can be steered individually up to an angle of 90°, completely uncoupled from the rest of the wheels.

Leading technology from industrial robotics.
Thanks to this approach, driving maneuvers impossible until now can be practiced without any problem, e.g. lateral movement into narrow parking spaces or turning on the spot. The torque obtained during steering action is exactly measured and evaluated by an integrated sensor with electronics, and may be readjusted in case of need. The SensoJoint driving units are able to support a torque of even 1300 Nm. For this reason, the concept can be used for large vehicles likewise. A compact integrated BISS interface -required for data transfer- saves space and reduces the weight of the whole module.

The ultimate result of robotics and automotive engineering.
As Sensodrive disposes of well-founded knowhow and a long experience in robotics and automotive engineering, the innovative steering angle actuators could be developed within no time. This way, the company could significantly contribute to pushing forward the vision of this revolutionary autonomous driving concept.

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