World´s first from Sensodrive

The first torque sensor with integrated BiSS C Interface

In 2003, Sensodrive GmbH developed the first torque sensor for industrial robots. Since then, the German high-tech company has been the technological leader in this field and regularly backs up this claim with further innovations.

In 2022, Sensodrive has now presented another world´s first torque sensor with integrated BiSS C Interface. For the first time, manufacturers of cobots, medical robots and sensitive robotics applications can get a torque sensor that gives them all the advantages of the trailblazing BiSS Interface technology with zero programming work.

The advantages of the BiSS C Interface
In contrast to the frequently used SPI Interface, the sensor outputs the torque directly in Nm via BiSS C with no conversion required. In addition, BiSS C is a bidirectional/serial/synchronous interface – so there's no need to interrupt the transmission of torque values to exchange further data between a BiSS master and a BiSS slave.

This means that BiSS C enables sensor data and control data to be continuously, simultaneously transmitted in two directions. And, thanks to the high transmission speed, it's even in real time.

The advantages for users
Manufacturers who integrate the new torque sensor into their products secure a number of impressive advantages:

• Fast transmission speeds
• High transmission security
• Maximum flexibility
• Minimum implementation effort
• Continuous, simultaneous real-time transmission of sensor data and control data

Already integrated in SensoJoints
The new torque sensor with BiSS Interface is also already integrated in the innovative SensoJoint complete drives from Sensodrive. Users can therefore continue to be sure that they are relying on world-leading torque technology.

BiSS is a trademark of iC-Haus GmbH