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SENSODRIVE is a spin-off from the German Aerospace Center.
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Torque sensors for drives

SENSODRIVE develops and produces tens of thousands of torque sensors every year for renowned companies worldwide. And was the first company to launch specialized torque sensors for robot drives.

Find out more about the strengths of SENSODRIVE torque sensors.

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Torque-controlled drives

The drives of the future.
They are compact. They are strong. And they are unbelievably sensitive.

Discover the torque-controlled actuators from SENSODRIVE and find out how to prepare yourself for the future with SENSO-Unit and SENSO-Joint.


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Perfect simulations, perfect results.

From the steering wheel to pedals, to rotary and push buttons, or an entire simulator cockpit – discover the SENSODRIVE force feedback range and make your project a success.

With the force feedback configurator, you can assemble your simulator exactly the way you need it. Get started.

Force-Feedback Configurator


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Vibrotactile feedback. Feel what you don't see.

You can't see anything when your field of view is limited.
You can't hear anything when working in a noisy environment.
But you can feel – if you have a VibroTac.

Discover how vibrotactile feedback opens up a whole new way to transfer information ...

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Sensodrive News

09. May 2019 Vortrag zur Effizienz in der Antriebstechnik SENSODRIVE-Mitbegründer Norbert Sporer zeigt, wie Antriebe leichter, kompakter und leistungsstärker werden… read more

11. April 2019 MRK-Clusterseminar Augsburg Wie lässt sich Mensch-Roboter-Kollaboration im Rahmen der gesetzlichen Regeln erfolgreich, sicher und effizient umsetzen? Hier gibts News zur MRK... read more

19. March 2019 IPG Open House Experience 2019’s innovative vehicle simulation technology up close... read more

14. November 2018 Presentation at the Robotics Conference in Dresden Robotic systems have fundamentally changed the industry - but the revolution is far from over. read more

Research and Development

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