Cooperation with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)

Major projects need close cooperation.

An important part of the Sensodrive philosophy is close cooperation.
Cooperation within our company, cooperation with customers and cooperation with companies and research institutions.

Since early 2017, we have also been cooperating with the renowned Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).
In recent years the research institute has been able to develop an exceptional robot.
The "ballbot" is stored for movement on a single ball, which allows it a significant level of free movement.
But this high-tech device has something missing: arms

In collaboration with the CMU, we have therefore developed advanced drive units for robotic arms that are equipped with our most promising technologies and developments.
Patented torque sensors, powerful motors, flawless compatibility - we have pushed perfection once again to the extreme.

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Der drehmomentgeregelte Antrieb SENSO-Joint von SENSODRIVE - torque-controlled drive SENSO-Joint by SENSODRIVE