Human-Robot-Collaboration (HRC) - News from research and industry

In the future robots will no longer be separated from us by protective fences, but will work hand in hand with us together.

But how exactly will this cooperation look like? And what are the latest and most promising developments to make the dream of efficient and safe human-robot collaboration come true?

This is demonstrated at this year's Technology Forum "Robot Innovations for the Production of the Future" in the Training Centre, Donau- Ries.

In the exhibition: the robot SensoScara.

The HRC-capable robot is equipped with the Sensodrive torque-controlled drives. These "SENSO joints" allow for breathtaking sensitivity and therefore show at close range what the drives of the future are going to look like.

Experience for yourself how with only very few movements the SensoScara learns what it has to do.

Feel with your own body how the SCARA robot travelling at high speed does not hurt anyone who gets into their path.

Discover the torque-controlled drives from Sensodrive.

At the technology forum or directly on our website.

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Der drehmomentgeregelte Roboter SENSO-Scare auf der Ausstellung des TCW - torque-controlled robot SENSO-Scara