IEEE World Haptics 2017, Fürstenfeldbruck (Munich), Germany

IEEE World Haptics is one of the world's most renowned conferences in the field of haptic. Current research results and product implementations are presented.

As part of the conference on 9th June 2017, an excursion to the German Aerospace Center (Deutsche Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt) is being offered for a limited number of visitors.
As part of the "Technical Tour", Sensodrive will be presenting the SensoTM - a simulator cockpit that meets every need: steering, shifting, pedals, rotary and pushbuttons are freely configurable – the perfect force feedback!

As an additional feature, Sensodrive also offers vibration feedback via VibroTac, which allows targeted attention control of the user during the application.


Im Rahmen der IEEE World Haptics 2017 präsentiert SENSODRIVE das Simulatorcockpit SENSO-TM, den ultimativen Fahrsimulator - SENSODRIVE presents the driving simulator cockpit SENSO-TM