Would you dare? - Symposium Electronics and System Integration

Would you dare?

To try to take hold of a racing robot with your own hand?
No one would dare to do that, who understands something about technology.
Or would they?

With the robot SensoScara we can answer this adrenaline kick with a clear conscience.

Because it is safe.

Experience it for yourself and register for the "Electronics and Systems Integration Symposium" in Landshut.
On Wednesday, April 11, 2018, we will be exhibiting the HRC-capable SensoScara robot and our torque-controlled drives at the Sensodrive booth.

The SensoScara is our visual model that shows you how easily and quickly you can bring your robot into the world of human-robot collaboration (HRC) or make it suitable for ultra-sensitive applications.
Equipped with the torque-controlled SensoUnit or SensoJoint drive units, together with intelligent control technology and innovative electronics, every product will become as exceptional as the SensoScara.
Uniquely strong, uniquely fast, uniquely adaptable and uniquely sensitive.
So sensitive that the SensoScara stops within milliseconds when it touches an obstacle.
So for example you.
Experience it for yourself - if you dare.

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Der drehmomentgeregelte Roboter SENSO-Scara wird auf dem Symposium in Landshut ausgestellt - the torque-controlled robot SENSO-Scara is being exposed at the symposium in Landshut