Steering 4.0

Force-Feedback Joystick


Our world is changing? So are we!
The SENSO-Stick is made for the innovative products you want to develop.
It has three active degrees of freedom and is therefore a professional tool
for innovative simulations and steer-by-wire prototypes.
The three degrees of freedom make it a handlebar, brake and coupler all in one.
Or you can give it completely different tasks.

Specially adapted motors, brilliant force feedback – powerful and precise –
our force feedback expertise guides your work to success.

SENSO-Stick. Exceptional services for exceptional customers.

Force-Feedback configurator

Der SENSO-Stick ist der futuristische Force-Feedback-Joystick mit drei Freiheitsgraden - the SENSO-Stick is the futuristic force feedback joystick with three degrees of freedom

SENSO-Stick special features

  • Sensitive force feedback
  • Three active degrees of freedom
  • Allows highly accurate inputs
  • Specially adapted SENSODRIVE motors
  • Compact design, easy to integrate into simulators

Technical data

Dimensions (WxHxD) 305 mm x 402 mm x 164 mm
X-/Y-/Z-axes' range of motion ± 20°/± 20°/± 15°
Weight 11 kg
X-/Y-axes' max. force 32 N
Max. Z-axis torque 2 Nm
Supply voltage 24 V to 48 V
Communication CAN (1 Mbaud)
Freely assignable switch positions 8
Implemented effects Spring stiffness/Dampening/Friction

Success Stories of the SENSO-Stick


Joystick vs. steering wheel

In 1886, Carl Benz applied for a patent for the first automobile. A great move. But have you ever wondered why this pioneer of today's cars only has one front tire?

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Force-Feedback in space

Shake hands with an astronaut who's on the ISS right now? That sounds unbelievable and probably is. Unbelievable – but possible!

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