Steering 4.0

Force-Feedback Joystick


Our world is changing? So are we!
The SensoStick is made for the innovative products you want to develop.
It has three active degrees of freedom and is therefore a professional tool
for innovative simulations and steer-by-wire prototypes.
The three degrees of freedom make it a handlebar, brake and coupler all in one.
Or you can give it completely different tasks.

Specially adapted motors, brilliant force feedback – powerful and precise –
our force feedback expertise guides your work to success.

SensoStick. Exceptional services for exceptional customers.

Force-Feedback configurator

Der SENSO-Stick ist der futuristische Force-Feedback-Joystick mit drei Freiheitsgraden - the SENSO-Stick is the futuristic force feedback joystick with three degrees of freedom

SensoStick special features

  • Sensitive force feedback
  • Three active degrees of freedom
  • Allows highly accurate inputs
  • Specially adapted Sensodrive motors
  • Compact design, easy to integrate into simulators

Technical data

Dimensions (WxHxD) 305 mm x 402 mm x 164 mm
X-/Y-/Z-axes' range of motion ± 20°/± 20°/± 15°
Weight 11 kg
X-/Y-axes' max. force 32 N
Max. Z-axis torque 2 Nm
Supply voltage 24 V to 48 V
Communication CAN (1 Mbaud)
Freely assignable switch positions 8
Implemented effects Spring stiffness/Dampening/Friction

Success Stories of the SensoStick


Joystick vs. steering wheel

In 1886, Carl Benz applied for a patent for the first automobile. A great move. But have you ever wondered why this pioneer of today's cars only has one front tire?

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Force-Feedback in space

Shake hands with an astronaut who's on the ISS right now? That sounds unbelievable and probably is. Unbelievable – but possible!

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