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Passive Simulator Pedals

The passive SensoPedals are sturdy simulator pedals that can cope with any requirement thanks to adjustable force and route.
Realistic simulations, accurate force measurement and ultra-fast reading via CAN - the SensoPedals have earned their leading role in simulation technology.

The brake pedal is equipped with a load cell for precise force measurement independent of the pedal movement.

With the configurator, you can customize your SensoPedals – exactly as you need your simulator pedals to be.

 Force-Feedback Configurator

Die passiven Simulatorpedale für perfekte Simulationen sind die SENSO-Pedals - the simulator pedals for great simulations are the SENSO-Pedals

SensoPedals special features

  • Individual - Force and route can be adjusted mechanically to your liking and the pedal geometry is adjustable along several axes
  • Precise - The brake pedal is equipped with a load-cell for a direct force measurement
  • Simple - The pedals are connected to the SensoWheel Controller and can be read by CAN bus in the usual way
  • Robust - The SensoPedals can withstand a lot. Press confidently on the tube.

Technical data

SensoWheel SD-LC special features 800 N
Connection Connection to SensoWheel Controller and reading via CAN bus
Dimensions (total)
433mm x 470mm x 400 mm
Weight (total) Approx. 10 kg
Guarantee 1 year