The perfect torque

Rotary Knob Simulator


Turn up the music. Turn on the air conditioning. Set the oven to 180°C.

No matter which application you're developing a rotary knob for -
SensoKnob, the innovative Sensodrive rotary knob simulator, will help you!
Highly precise, reliable and strikingly realistic.
Vary the number of snap-in points, determine the intensity of the snap-in
and change the damping behavior of the SensoKnob.
Everything conveniently at the click of a mouse.

SensoKnob. Feel the perfect rotary knob, even before production.

Force-Feedback configurator

Der Force-Feedback Drehknopf SENSO-Knob ermöglicht die Simulation und Entwicklung von Drehknöpfen - the force feedback rotary knob allows you to simulate and develop rotary knobs

SensoKnob special features

  • With renowned Sensodrive force feedback technology
  • All simulation parameters are easily adjustable:
    • Number of snap-in points
    • Snap-in intensity
    • Damping behavior
  • Ideal for simulation and development of rotary knobs
  • Can also be used as a mini force feedback steering wheel
  • Effects ready-programmed in the firmware – ready to use

Technical data

Rated torque 0,33 Nm
Maximum torque 0,66 Nm
Position sensor resolution 0,009°
CAN interface 1 Mbaud

Further technical information

Operating instructions
CAN-command set as dbc-file
3D-CAD data
Graphical User Interface (GUI)

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