Shift down a gear – not with us!

Shift Simulator


The SENSO-Shifter is the undisputed high-performance gear shift simulator.
Experience pure realism – conveyed by state-of-the-art force feedback.
The SENSO-Shifter simulates all switching systems so realistically that if you closed your eyes you would not be able to tell the difference to a real vehicle.

Switching between manual and automatic systems? With just a click.
Upon request, we can also set up the SENSO-Shifter to meet your individual requirements.
Even specially designed gear shifts can be integrated into the system.
With the upgrade available, end stops can be made even harder – for a terrifically realistic shift feel and the most demanding simulations.

SENSO-Shifter. Lives for your simulation.

Force-Feedback configurator

Der Force-Feedback Schalthebelsimulator SENSO-Shifter simuliert Schaltungen täuschend echt - Discover the undisputed high-performance gear shift simulator

SENSO-Shifter special features

  • Reliable force feedback technology
  • Extremely realistic simulations
  • Switch between manual and automatic shifting with a click
  • Impresses with its sensitivity
  • For even more power, an upgrade is available

SENSO-Shifter + Upgrade special features

  • Higher torque
  • Higher position sensor resolution

Technical data

  SENSO-Shifter SENSO-Shifter + Upgrade
Rated torque 5 Nm 7,5 Nm
Maximum torque 10 Nm   16.58 Nm
Torque resolution 0,03 Nm 0,03 Nm
Position sensor resolution 0,044° 0,009°
Maximum force when moving longitudinally (shifting) 92 N 139 N
Maximum force when moving transversely (selecting) 55 N 85 N




Further technical information

Operating instructions
CAN-command set as dbc-file
3D-CAD data
Graphical User Interface (GUI)

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