Shift down a gear – not with us!

Shift Simulator


The SensoShifter is the undisputed high-performance gear shift simulator.
Experience pure realism – conveyed by state-of-the-art force feedback.
The SensoShifter simulates all switching systems so realistically that if you closed your eyes you would not be able to tell the difference to a real vehicle.

Switching between manual and automatic systems? With just a click.
Upon request, we can also set up the SensoShifter to meet your individual requirements.
Even specially designed gear shifts can be integrated into the system.
With the upgrade available, end stops can be made even harder – for a terrifically realistic shift feel and the most demanding simulations.

SensoShifter. Lives for your simulation.

Force-Feedback configurator

Der Force-Feedback Schalthebelsimulator SENSO-Shifter simuliert Schaltungen täuschend echt - Discover the undisputed high-performance gear shift simulator

SensoShifter special features

  • Reliable force feedback technology
  • Extremely realistic simulations
  • Switch between manual and automatic shifting with a click
  • Impresses with its sensitivity
  • For even more power, an upgrade is available

SensoShifter + Upgrade special features

  • Higher torque
  • Higher position sensor resolution

Technical data

  SensoShifter SensoShifter + Upgrade
Rated torque 5 Nm 7,5 Nm
Maximum torque 10 Nm   16.58 Nm
Torque resolution 0,03 Nm 0,03 Nm
Position sensor resolution 0,044° 0,009°
Maximum force when moving longitudinally (shifting) 92 N 139 N
Maximum force when moving transversely (selecting) 55 N 85 N




Further technical information

Operating instructions
CAN-command set as dbc-file
3D-CAD data
Graphical User Interface (GUI)

We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have and send you a link to our product documentation.