A clever mechanical solution

Mechanical End Stop

The Mechanical End Stop is a robust optional extra for SensoWheels.

It allows you to mechanically limit the number of steering wheel turns to protect, among other things, the clock spring in the steering wheel. Due to the special structure and the integrated multi-turn position sensor,
the Mechanical End Stop can implement multiturn end stops.

The clever construction keeps the impact on the steering feel extremely low too.

The Mechanical End Stop is mounted directly on the motor –
without affecting the way you install your SensoWheel in a simulator.

Force-Feedback configurator

Der mechanische Endanschlag für die Lenkradsimulatoren SENSO-Wheels - the mechanical end stop for the simulators SENSO-Wheels


Mechanical End Stop special features

  • Robust and compact
  • Protects the clock spring in the steering wheel
  • Integrated absolute multi-turn position sensor
  • Uncomplicated connection and installation

Technical data

Weight 2,7 kg
Length 67 mm 
Friction very low
Cogging torque imperceptible

Product variants

Stop after:
± 0,8 revolutions
± 1,3 revolutions
± 1,8 revolutions
± 2,3 revolutions
± 2,8 revolutions