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SensoWheel SD-LC

The SensoWheel SD-LC is the force feedback drive for the most demanding tasks.

Extremely high-resolution encoder, state-of-the-art motor, excellent patented control engineering – the SensoWheel SD-LC is a figurehead of German simulator drives.

The SensoWheel SD-LC consists of the tried and tested unit of motor, controller, power supply and cabling.
Discover the realism of the SensoWheel SD-LC and get the test track to the office.

A strong direct drive, clever force feedback and a cogging-free driving feel make it possible.
You can rely on a user-friendly interface and flawless compatibility with all other Sensodrive force feedback products.

Develop. Simulate. Produce.

For any simulation that requires perfect results, the SensoWheel SD-LC is the right drive for your simulator.

Force-Feedback Configurator


SensoWheel SD-LC special features

  • Extremely realistic force feedback, cogging-free driving feel
  • Powerful motor – Made in Germany
  • Direct drive – to avoid the disturbances of a gearbox.
  • Programmable steering wheel torques, damping, friction, spring stiffness and software end stops
  • Programmable inertia – coming soon
  • High-resolution encoder
  • Unsurpassed sensitivity

Technical data

Rated torque 7,50 Nm
Maximum torque 16,58 Nm  
Torque resolution 0,03 Nm  
Cogging torque very low
Angle resolution 0.009° incr. + index
Gear ratio Direct drive
Backlash none
Maximum speed > 200 rpm  
Supply voltage 115 VAC, 8A – 230 VAC, 4 A 
Bus system CAN (1 Mbaud)  
Cycle time Normal mode 1 ms, Basic mode 0.3 ms
Weight (motor) 9,0 kg
Motor dimensions 115 mm x 215 mm 
Referencing Encoder index, mechanical end stop or optionally via external position sensor
Guarantee 1 year



Further technical information

Software manual
Operating instructions
Programming examples
CAN-command set as dbc-file
3D-CAD data
Graphical User Interface (GUI)

We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have and send you a link to our product documentation.


Options and accessories

We offer a variety of options for our SensoWheel products that make it easier for you to integrate them into your simulator and help you save time and development costs. If you require special adaptations, we will develop a suitable solution for you quickly and cost-effectively.

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Application examples

SensoTM driving simulator with integrated SensoWheel


Westphalian University of Applied Sciences, Bocholt: Force feedback steering construction with a SensoWheel SD-LC

Technical University of Munich's driving simulator with integrated SensoWheel