Beyond precision. Steering torque sensor.

Steering Torque Sensor

Experience the proven SENSODRIVE torque sensor technology.

The Steering Torque Sensor is used for the highly accurate measurement of torques on the steering wheel.
Included is a robust slip ring, which makes unlimited turns of the steering wheel possible.
Another advantage: There are five pins free on the slip ring – space for your customer-specific signals.

Force-Feedback Configurator


Steering Torque Sensor special features

  • High-tech SENSODRIVE torque sensor
  • Easy installation – directly on the motor shaft
  • A slip ring is included – with five pins free for your cables!

Technical data

Technical data 100 Nm
Accuracy at 25°C 1%
Supply voltage 5 V, 40 mA
Maximum current of freely assignable PINs 0,5 A

Product variants

Measuring range up to:
30 Nm
60 Nm