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Torque-controlled actuators

The world is changing. And with it, the demands that we place on the modern drives of robots and machines are also changing.
They are compact. They are robust. And they are unbelievably sensitive.
In a word – they are torque-controlled.

The SensoUnit and SensoJoint actuators set new standards in this field.
At the heart of these product families is the tried and tested Sensodrive torque sensor.
With its patented technology and high precision, it sets the stage for the actuators' strong performance.
In addition to the torque sensor, the SensoUnit includes a robust Harmonic Drive® gearbox as well as the output bearing.
The motor and encoder are not included in the SensoUnit, in contrast to the SensoJoint complete package.

The SensoUnit's extraordinary performance is made possible by the perfect adaptation of the torque sensor to the gearbox.
This is how we achieve the best possible performance for you.
A compact design and the possibility of use in human-robot collaboration make the package perfect.
Of course, all of our basic products can be further developed and optimized for your application.

The world's changing? We're changing the world. SensoUnit.


Der drehmomentgeregelte Antrieb: SENSO-Unit - the torque-controlled drive SENSO Unit consists of an optimized torque sensor, Harmonic Drive® gearbox and output bearing

SensoUnit components

  • Robust Harmonic Drive® gearbox
  • Output bearing
  • Torque sensor optimized for the gearbox

SensoUnit special features

  • Consists of torque sensor, gearbox and bearings
  • Extremely compact design
  • Allows human-robot collaboration without protective fences in accordance with ISO/TS 15066
  • Unsurpassed torque measurement precision – the sensor is ideally matched to the gearbox
  • Patented technology to compensate for disturbances through gearboxes, bearings and external loads
  • Optimizable for your application



  • Development of a modern exoskeleton – SensoJoints as part of an intelligent lifting aid – for the human-robot-collaboration of the future

  • Sensodrive torque sensors in winding machines – higher quality and less waste due to an exactly maintainable film tension

  • Torque-controlled drives for recording the joint load and calculating the ideal maintenance intervals – thereby reducing costs

  • SensoUnits and SensoJoints in robot joints – successful human-robot collaboration and sensitive assembly work to increase efficiency in the factory of tomorrow

  • Worldwide use in lightweight robots

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Technical data

 SensoUnit Series 75 75
Size Ø [mm]x L [mm] 74,8 x 40,5
Harmonic Drive® gearbox CPL14
Sensodrive torque sensor completely integrated
Reduction ratio 1:30 to 1:100
Rated torque [Nm] 4.0 to 7.8
Output torque max. [Nm] 9,0 bis 28,0
Rated output speed [min-1] 66,5 to 20,0
Max. output speed [min-1] 283,0 to 85,0


SensoUnit Series 100 100
Size Ø [mm] x L [mm] 100,0 x 57,5
Harmonic Drive® gearbox CobaltLine 20
Sensodrive torque sensor completely integrated
Reduction ratio 1:50 to 1:160 
Rated torque [Nm] 33,0 to 52,0 
Output torque max. [Nm] 73,0 to 120,0 
Rated output speed [min-1] 40,0 to 20,0 
Max. output speed [min-1] 130,0 to 65,0 


SensoUnit Series 145 145
Size Ø [mm] x L [mm] 145,0 x 70,9
Harmonic Drive® gearbox CPL 32
Sensodrive torque sensor completely integrated
Reduction ratio 1:30 to 1:160
Rated torque [Nm] 54,0 to 137,0
Output torque max. [Nm] 100,0 to 372,0
Rated output speed [min-1] 66,0 to 12,5
Max. output speed [min-1] 160,0 to 30,0


SensoUnit Customized
We can develop the perfect solution for you – especially according to your requirements.
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Further technical information

We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have and send you the CAD data of our SensoUnits.


SensoUnit 100

SensoUnit 145

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