Individuality meets perfection.

Torque sensors

Have you heard the story?

The story of the first torque-controlled lightweight robot?
And how the torque sensors made the jump from the German Aerospace Center's research institute to industry?
It's a real success story.

The German Aerospace Center, early 1990s.
A unique robot was being developed: It was the world's first torque-controlled lightweight robot - the DLR LBR I.
It soon became clear that torque control of drives would open up a whole range of applications for industry;
the technology used for the torque sensors would be needed.
In 2003, the LBR project managers founded the company Sensodrive to make the torque sensors suitable for use in industry.
With great success.
After all, the technology behind the Sensodrive torque sensors is elaborate and perfectly designed for use in torque-controlled drives.
Every year Sensodrive develops, produces and sells tens of thousands of torque sensors to renowned companies worldwide.

Get to know our Sensodrive torque sensors and their strengths.

And write history with us.


Die Drehmomentsensoren mit DMS für Roboterantriebe, Medizintechnik und Automotive

The design of our Sensodrive torque sensors

The basic principle of Sensodrive torque sensors is based on the resistance change of strain gauges. This is detected and interpreted with great accuracy.

The Sensodrive torque sensors offer all the characteristics needed for their specialist field – use in robot joints.
Such as their disk-shaped, sophisticated and compact design.
This makes it possible to fully integrate the torque sensors into joints and drives without taking up a significant amount of additional installation space.
What is more, the sensors barely add any extra weight.

Alongside the pure torque measurement function, the Sensodrive torque sensors also act as a bearing seat, sealing component and connection component.

The patented Sensodrive technology which compensates for interference from gears, bearings and external loads makes the Sensodrive torque sensors unique.
This is good news for precision and results. And, of course, for you.




Medical technology




  • Ideal for use in robot joints
  • Basis for HRC robots (Human-Robot-Collaboration)
  • Force limitation on the environment in HRC applications
  • Enables ISO/TS 15066 to be implemented for HRC
  • Recording joint loads, calculating ideal maintenance intervals
  • Active vibration damping of robots and medical holder systems
  • Steer-by-wire (measurement of user forces and steering torques)
  • Other sensitive systems such as measurement of film tension on winding machines
  • Force feedback driving simulators
  • Sensitive positioning of medical devices (e.g., surgical microscopes)

  • Do you have a specific field of application? Please inquire!





Special features of the Sensodrive torque sensors

  • Indivituality meets perfection. We strive for perfection - and are committed to quality.
  • Experience is what makes the difference. We have been mass producing torque sensors for joint drives for over fifteen years, as the first company to do so. Patented technology which remains still unique today.
  • Renowned. Contacts worldwide. Well-known customers. Annual production quantity? Ten thousand.
  • Made in Germany. We produce our torque sensors here in-house, so that we can fulfil our commitment to quality.
  • Flexible. A flexible sensor interface comes as standard with Sensodrive torque sensors.
  • Strong. Use in extreme conditions? Sensodrive can handle it.
  • Safe. Human-robot collaboration, ISO/TS 15066, safety-critical application? Sensodrive torque sensors make your product safe.
  • Reliable. Reliability is what sets our sensors apart – with a level of quality that pays off.
  • Economic. Thanks to semi-automatic production, Sensodrive can supply products in series on favorable terms.
  • Precise. The resolution and measurement accuracy make our torque sensors a high-end product.
  • Specialised. If you are looking for torque-controlled drives, Sensodrive is the right choice. Why? Our torque sensors are highly specialized and adapted for use in drives:
    • Patented solution for compensating for external and internal interference
    • Compact, disk-shaped design
    • Allows for professional and easy integration into joints
    • Hardly any additional installation space required
    • Barely any extra weight
  • Many years of experience with their integration in drives - we have the expertise.

Technical data

Here at Sensodrive we have developed 50 different torque sensor types in the last 15 years. 
During this time, experience has shown us that replacing an off-the-shelf torque sensor with a sophisticated and adapted product is the key to success.

Because every customer is different. Every sensor is different. And every requirement is different too. 
This is why, when it comes to selecting the right product, we work closely with you, make changes if need be, and, in some cases, even develop completely tailor-made torque sensors.

Our slogan is: Individuality meets perfection.
Not only does this work, it generates enthusiasm.

You can see the specification range for our torque sensors here. 
If you have different requirements, please contact us – we would be happy to advise.

Product range

Rated torque 1,0 Nm > 1000 Nm
Maximum torque 120% of rated torque
Limiting torque 240% of rated torque
Peak structural torque 350% of rated torque
Accuracy 1%
Safety suitability Not safety relevant Safety relevant according to:
  • PLe Kat. 4 (DIN EN ISO 13849)
  • SIL 3 (DIN EN 61508)
  • Can be used for TS 15066 applications
Sealing No sealing Patented sealing system
Electronic interface


  • Analog
  • Digital

Ambient conditions

Operating temperature (dependent on application) typ. 0° C to 80° C
Storage temperature typ. -40° C  to 80° C
Air humidity, operation typ. 30% to 75%
Air humidity, storage typ. 0% to 95%

Product examples

Rated torque 2,5 Nm
Dimensions D x L 74 mm x 11,7 mm
Application Torque measurement in robot axes

Rated torque 8 Nm
Dimensions D x L 95 mm x 25,7 mm
Application Measurement of axial force and overturning moments (robot hand)

Rated torque 30 Nm / 60 Nm
Dimensions D x L 120 mm x 15 mm
Application Automotive: Steering torque sensor

Rated torque 30 Nm
Dimensions D x L 60 mm x 9 mm
Application Robotics: Joint torque sensor

Rated torque 100 Nm / 200 Nm
Dimensions D x L 115 mm x 30 mm
Application Robotics: Joint torque sensor

Rated torque 350 Nm
Dimensions D x L 140 mm x 20 mm
Application Medical technology: Joint torque sensor

Rated torque Mx
Rated torque My
Rated force Fz
10 Nm
10 Nm
350 N
Dimensions D x L 116 mm x 34 mm
Application 3-DOF sensor for measurement of torques and forces

What happens after you enquire about our torque sensors?

At Sensodrive, the initial consultation is one of the most important steps.
We will discuss your requirements with you to gain an understanding of your application and the end product you need.
Together we will draw up an initial specification.
We then use this to determine whether an existing product variant is suitable, whether this needs to be adapted to meet your requirements or whether we need to develop a completely new sensor for you.
Thanks to our extensive experience and numerous completed projects, we are able to quickly draw up a quotation for you. Open and transparent.
If you choose to work with us, the development or adaptation work will be carried out according to defined and established processes.
We work closely with you throughout the entire process and always keep you in the loop about the current status.
Once the final specification has been approved, it is time for the FEM calculation and production.
All quality-relevant production steps, tests, calibration, and quality control are carried out in-house – ensuring high quality and short delivery times.
In the case of developments where the focus is on safety, we also work closely with the TÜV for example, create the required safety documents and carry out continuous load and failure insertion tests.

Optimum care from your enquiry to delivery.

Welcome to Sensodrive.



 Torque sensors success stories

Medical technology 

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