The future of robotics is torque-controlled

Torque sensors from Sensodrive

Market-leading torque technology for 20 years for cobots, medical robots and sensitive robotic solutions.

The first torque sensor for industrial robots was developed 20 years ago – by Sensodrive. As a spin-off from the German Aerospace Center, we were able to make the torque technology from the German Aerospace Center's lightweight robot available for industrial use in 2003 – thus creating the basis for human-robot collaboration (HRC robotics).

Since then, more than a hundred thousand of our torque sensors have been installed worldwide in cobots, medical robots, force feedback and many other robotic solutions from well-known manufacturers. Our solutions continue to be the leading torque technology on the market, and we underline our technological leadership over and over again with further innovations such as the world's first BiSS torque sensor.

Premium quality for your application
Torque-controlled applications require a particularly high degree of customisation. In order to be able to offer you an attractive price-performance ratio as a premium manufacturer, we have therefore specialised in the production of medium and large quantities. And for small volumes we offer you our innovative SensoJoint complete drives.


Compelling advantages for your product development

Sensodrive torque sensors set standards in terms of quality, precision, cost efficiency and safety. They are available in numerous standard models that can be individually adapted to your requirements, in a patented design that offers compelling advantages for all areas of application.

Reliable quality made in Germany

Leading expertise
In 2003 we were the first company to mass-produce torque sensors for robotic joints. Our patented technology is still unique today and thanks to our experience and leading expertise, we aim to remain the technology leader.

Quality made in Germany
We produce our torque sensors exclusively at the Sensodrive site in Wessling, Germany, and only use the highest quality components. This is how we guarantee the highest product quality with short and secure supply chains.

Reliable even under extreme conditions
Sensodrive torque sensors are extremely robust and optimally designed for use under extreme conditions in everyday factory work. Thanks to their particularly high rigidity and overload capacity, they feature an above-average service life and are also permanently completely maintenance-free.

Maximum precision

Reliable balancing of external and internal disturbances
The patented torque sensors from Sensodrive can be used in highly sensitive work environments and always work with high precision, even when affected by disturbances:

  • Completely free of hysteresis
  • Robust under transverse loads (tilting, axial and radial)
  • Reliable temperature compensation
  • EMC measures already implemented

High-precision performance
The Sensodrive torque sensors' reliably high measurement accuracy makes them a high-end product that is second to none. The high-tech solutions also set new standards in terms of resolution, bandwidth and repeatability, and they stand out for their low noise as well.

Easy integration into your products

Compact lightweight construction
Thanks to our torque sensors' compact, disc-shaped design, they can be easily integrated into a wide variety of drives and robot joints. They require hardly any additional installation space and, thanks to their lightweight design, add hardly any weight.

Flexible interfaces
A flexible sensor interface comes as standard with the Sensodrive torque sensors and enables use with a wide variety of interfaces:

  • BiSS C (digital)
  • SPI (digital)
  • Analog

Leading integration expertise
The highest quality products are useless without the associated integration expertise. We have over 20 years of experience in integrating torque sensors and are happy to support you with leading expertise from our experts. For large orders, our integration support is even free of charge.

Individual adaptation
We promise to provide you with the perfect solution. That is why the development experts from our Customizing Service will also adapt the torque sensors to your individual requirements on request.

Impressively cost-effective

Attractive price-performance ratio
The Sensodrive torque sensors give you the high-end product on the market – supplied at favourable conditions thanks to our partially automated production.

Outstanding durability
Thanks to their high quality, the torque sensors from Sensodrive are extremely resilient, less susceptible to faults and therefore highly available over the long term. They are also completely maintenance-free.

Short, secure and stable supply chains
We have deliberately decided against offshoring and produce all torque sensors ourselves in Germany. This way we can ensure your order will not be affected by problems in the supply chain.

Certified safety

Sensodrive is a pioneer in the field of human-robot collaboration. Our sensor concept is TÜV-certified and enables you to quickly and efficiently certify your applications according to ISO/TS 15066.


We supply the right torque sensor for every area of application

Whether it's a cobot, industrial robot, medical robot, exoskeleton or a steer-by-wire solution – the Sensodrive torque sensors impress in every industry and area of application that requires high-precision torque control. They are now installed in over a hundred thousand products from well-known manufacturers.


Medical technology

In the medical field, for example, the Sensodrive torque sensors prevent disruptive and sometimes dangerous vibrations by actively damping vibrations in surgical microscopes.



Industrial robotics

Our torque sensors are specialised for use in robot joints. As a basis for HRC robotics, they enable
force limitation to the environment and are the basis for the implementation of ISO/TS 15066.


Das SENSO-Wheel SD-LC ist der unübertroffene Force-Feedback Simulatorantrieb  - the SENSO-Wheel SD-LC is the unmatched force feedback simulator drive for demanding tasks


By precisely measuring user forces and steering torques, the Sensodrive torque sensors enable the reliable implementation of force feedback applications and intelligent steer-by-wire solutions in automobiles from well-known manufacturers.

Das SENSODRIVE Exoskelett für die MRK - the SENSODRIVE exoskeleton


In modern exoskeletons, our torque sensors ensure the precise measurement and control of the supporting forces and thus enable safe interaction between humans and machines – in industrial as well as medical fields.

Compact, light and powerful – the Sensodrive torque sensors' design

Die Drehmomentsensoren mit DMS für Roboterantriebe, Medizintechnik und Automotive

The fundamental principle of the Sensodrive torque sensors is based on the change in resistance of strain gauges, which is detected and interpreted with the utmost precision. The thing that makes the patented Sensodrive torque sensor technology so unique is that it comes already integrated in order to compensate for interference from the gearbox, bearings and external loads.

In addition to pure torque measurement, the torque sensor also functions as a bearing seat and connection component and can be used as a sealing component at the same time thanks to its patented diaphragm seal.

Thanks to its disc-shaped, compact design, it can also be fully integrated into joints and drives with almost no additional installation space required.

Our ready-to-install SensoJoint complete drives offer you the perfect combination of compact design and high-precision, high-performance drive.

World-first from Sensodrive: The first torque sensor with BiSS Interface

In 2022, Sensodrive presented the first torque sensor ever to have a BiSS C Interface, giving you all the advantages of the BiSS C Interface technology with zero programming work:

  • High transfer speeds
  • High transmission reliability
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Minimum implementation effort
  • Continuous, simultaneous real-time-transmission of sensor data and control data

BiSS is a trademark of iC-Haus GmbH

Sensodrive torque sensors' technical data

Over the last 20 years, we have developed over 50 different torque sensor types with a wide variety of specifications. The following table provides an initial overview of the range of possible configurations. The standard models can be individually adapted at any time.
Our Customizing Service will be happy to advise you.


Rated torque 2,5 Nm - 1000 Nm
Maximum torque 125% of rated torque
Limit torque 250% of rated torque
Breaking torque 400% of rated torque
Functional accuracy <1% at 25° C
Resolution 16 bits
Bandwidth 2 kHz
Sampling rate 4 kHz/64 kHz (raw data)
Dimensions/weight Please request the CAD data
Electronic interfaces analog/digital (SPI, BiSS C)
Power suply 5 V


  • Patented sealing system
  • Integradet temperature compensation to increase accuracy
  • Safety certification according to PLe Kat. 4 (according to DIN EN ISO 13849) and SIL 3 (according to DIN EN 61508), suitable for applications according to TS 15066

Other features:

  • Hollow shaft
  • Weight-optimized design
  • optimized for strain wave gears
  • Complete, secure digital nameplate
  • Complete traceability of the manufacturing chain
  • Use in medical technology




Customizing Service – our development services

Customizing Service – our development services

Each application places individual requirements on the torque sensor used. That's why we work closely with you to select the right product, as well as to make individual adjustments for larger quantities on request or even develop completely customised torque sensors for our customers in the case of large orders. Let our experts advise you on all the options made possible by our Customizing Service.

Integration support – free for large orders

Leading expertise and 20 years of integration experience – our integration support ensures your products receive the full benefits of our torque sensors. For orders in larger quantities, our support services are completely free of charge. For smaller quantities, we will be happy to make you an individual offer – or recommend our cost-efficient, straightforward SensoJoint complete drives.

Let us show you the advantages for your company

Let our experts show you the advantages that Sensodrive torque sensors and SensoJoints can offer your company. We will be happy to advise you on an individual basis.

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NEW: Ready-to-install actuators with Sensodrive torque sensors

SensoJoints are the optimal alternative to in-house development –
especially for smaller quantities.

Developing your own drive solutions is time-consuming and expensive. Save this time and effort for construction, integration and certifications now with the new SensoJoints.

Our innovative drive modules provide you with leading Sensodrive torque technology, fully integrated in a ready-to-install complete drive that you can install in your products out of the box:

  • Torque-controlled
  • Sensitive
  • Fully safety-certified (expected from Q3 2024)
  • Powerful
  • Compact, light and robust
  • Highly precise
  • Easily integrated

Get our market-leading torque technology now as a complete drive.

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