Trust me. I'm safe.


Would you put your hand in the way of a fast-moving robot?

No one would, unless they knew very little about technology. Or would they?

With the SENSO-SCARA robot, we can take responsibility for the adrenaline kick with a clear conscience.
Because it's safe.

The SENSO-SCARA is our visual model that shows you how easily and quickly you can bring your robot into the world of human-robot collaboration (HRC) or make it suitable for ultra-sensitive applications.
Equipped with the torque-controlled SENSO-Unit and SENSO-Joint actuators, together with intelligent control engineering and innovative electronics, we master every requirement that you have of your drive.

Uniquely strong, uniquely fast, uniquely adaptable and uniquely sensitive.

So sensitive that the SENSO-SCARA stops within milliseconds when it touches an obstacle.
For example, you.

Feel it yourself – if you dare.

Or discover our products online.

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