I am self-driving.

Autonomous motorcycle

Autonomous mobility is on everyone's lips - and the future certainly appears to be heading in this direction.
When thinking about autonomous driving, a set of four wheels is probably what first comes to your mind, right?

But technological progress has already found its way into motorcycles.

In cooperation with BMW Group, Sensodrive has developed one of the first autonomous motorcycles.
The BMW R 1200 GS motorcycle designed by engineering expert Stefan Hand (BMW Group) is capable of autonomously starting to drive, accelerating, mastering a stretch of road with many bends, decelerating and braking, as well as remaining in standing position with the bike stand lowered.
The motorcycle will always keep the ideal line and aim for perfect cornering when driving through bends, precision braking and traction-optimised acceleration.
These characteristics are the result of two years of development work and plenty of technical know-how.

The control technology was developed by BMW.
Sensodrive was responsible for the steering and equipped the handlebar with a torque-controlled drive that is fully integrated in the motorcycle's steering column. The torque-controlled actuator was developed and produced by Sensodrive specifically for this project.
The Sensodrive developers also had to develop the controls for steering angels and steering torque.

The objective of the innovation is however not to replace the rider at any time in the future.
The technology is rather aimed at the collection of knowledge about driving dynamics.
In the future, it will assist in the early detection of dangerous situations and support the rider with assistance systems similar to those already found in many cars.
The goal: A safer and more comfortable ride.

Major projects need close cooperation.

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torque-controlled complete drives


Here you can find a video of the self-driving motorcycle ->

Pictures: Source: www.bmw.de

Self-driving motorcycle

Drehmomentsensorik von SENSODRIVE im selbst fahrenden Motorrad von BMW - SENSODRIVE torque sensors are used for a self driving motorcycle