Take it easy. The Sensodrive lifting aid.


Need to lift a 20-kilo package? With one hand tied behind your back!

We took another step in human-robot collaboration (HRC) for one of our exciting projects.

As part of a BMBF-funded project, we set out to develop a modern exoskeleton to help people lift heavy loads.
No easy task. Because drives for the exoskeleton must be light and compact, but on the other hand extremely strong and reliable.

Above all, however, the development of the HRC focuses on human safety.

To ensure this safety, we equipped the articulated drives with ultra-precise torque sensors that allow the exoskeleton to sense the forces it exerts on its environment.
According to the new DIN ISO/TS 15066, this torque control makes it possible for humans and machines to work together without protective fences, i.e. in close proximity to one another, and is therefore fundamental to the lifting aid.

As part of the project, Sensodrive has created two innovative product families.
The SensoUnit and the SensoJoint are our intelligent torque-controlled actuators.

Discover how versatile and clever they are and make your project ready for the future.

Torque-controlled complete drive


Das SENSODRIVE Exoskelett für MRK - the SENSODRIVE exoskeleton for HRC