Shake hands in space.

Kontur-2: Force-Feedback in space

Give me your hand!

Shake hands with an astronaut who's on the ISS right now?
That sounds unbelievable and probably is. Unbelievable – but possible!
With the help of a very special item that astronaut Oleg Kononenko took with him when he set off for the International Space Station on 23rd July 2015.

Germany, over a year earlier.
An incredible project is starting. Together with the German Aerospace Center, Sensodrive is beginning to develop a unique joystick. Name: Kontur-2.
It should enable a robotic arm to be controlled across huge distances – specifically, from space.
In addition, Kontur-2 should be equipped with state-of-the-art force feedback technology.
This means that the astronauts are fed back via motors in the joystick the forces that the robot arm exerts on its surroundings – for example when shaking hands.

However, the application possibilities go far beyond handshakes.
Robots that remotely perform dangerous tasks for us.
Or operations performed via telemedicine by specialists.
That's the technology's future.

Because amazing ideas and incredible success stories go together. Sensodrive.

Now discover how we have developed our force feedback range to this day.

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