Ideas drive us - we drive ideas.

Research and development

Sensodrive has been developing for globally recognized research institutes, universities and companies for over twenty years.
In that time it has accumulated some incredible success stories. Most of these small and big stories are subject to secrecy, which of course we strictly adhere to.

But what would research be without a quick peek or two behind the scenes?
Here we tell of interesting research projects that have been kindly released by our customers, our latest developments and our passion for innovation.
Discover progress here and now.

Forschung und Entwicklung bei SENSODRIVE wird vom BMBF gefördert

Project NuEndo

Experience wireless gastroscopy

Sensodrive is working on a new endoscopic technology for gastroscopy. The initiative has been granted substantial sponsorship by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.


Drehmomentsensorik von SENSODRIVE im selbst fahrenden Motorrad von BMW - SENSODRIVE torque sensors are used for a self driving motorcycle

Autonomous motorcycle

Cooperation BMW - Sensodrive

In cooperation with BMW Group, Sensodrive has developed one of the first autonomous motorcycles

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Medical technology 

Vibration damping for surgical microscopes

Sensodrive proves that innovations are at home not only in the industry, but also in the operating theater.

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An incredible space suit

An astronaut returns from a space mission, treads on solid ground and promptly sinks to his knees. Not in a film. In reality.

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Force-Feedback in space

Shake hands with an astronaut who's on the ISS right now? That sounds unbelievable and probably is. Unbelievable – but possible!

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Hightech lifting aid

Need to lift a 20-kilo package? With one hand tied behind your back! We took another step in human-robot collaboration (HRC) for one of our exciting projects.

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Drives for the ballbot

Cooperation with the Carnegie Mellon University

Ballbot didn't have any arms.
And then Sensodrive came along.

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Joystick vs. steering wheel

In 1886, Carl Benz applied for a patent for the first automobile. A great move. But have you ever wondered why this pioneer of today's cars only has one front tire?

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Torque-controlled Robot

Would you put your hand in the way of a fast-moving robot? No one would, unless they knew very little about technology. Or would they?

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