The dress code for outer space.

STAMAS – An incredible space suit

An astronaut returns from a space mission, treads on solid ground and promptly sinks to his knees.

Not in a film. In reality.
Muscle degeneration from being weightless in zero gravity is a real challenge for astronauts.

But even in space, the astronaut has to get a grip on certain challenges. Their thick and stiff protective gloves result in severe fatigue of the hands during extravehicular activities.

These complications in space require new solutions.
For this purpose, the research project STAMAS was launched – a cooperation between Sensodrive and the German Aerospace Center, as well as other pan-European partners.

The goal: A SPACE SUIT that's a SMART SUIT.
A futuristic space suit that counteracts the harmful effects of weightlessness as a training device. On the other hand, the suit can act as an active exoskeleton to support the movements of the hands during extravehicular missions.

In particular, the Sensodrive specialists were responsible for the unique sensor technology required for safe human-robot collaboration (HRC) in the project.
They focused intensively on shape memory alloys (SMA), electroactive polymers (EAP), as well as biofeedback and cardiopulmonary control strategies in developing this innovative space suit.

Because reliability and innovation go together – Sensodrive