Sensodrive has BiSS

We now also support the BiSS Interface as a member of the BiSS Association e.V.

Sensodrive relies on BiSS ...
High transmission speeds, high transmission reliability, maximum flexibility, minimal implementation effort and continuous, simultaneous real-time transmission of sensor data and control data – we believe in the advantages of BiSS Interface technology and were therefore the first manufacturer worldwide to integrate the BiSS Interface into our torque sensors.

... now as a member of the BiSS Association as well
In order to promote the forward-looking BiSS technology even more strongly, Sensodrive GmbH has now joined the BiSS Association e.V.. As an active member of this user organisation, we support the further development of the bidirectional, digital sensor-actuator interface and will also integrate it into future products.

The BiSS technology at a glance
BiSS is a digital interface for sensors and actuators (open source). BiSS is hardware-compatible with the industry standard SSI (Serial Synchronous Interface), but offers additional features and options:

  • Bidirectional data communication:
    serial, synchronous, continuous data communication

  • Two unidirectional lines for clock and data:
    • Cyclic data transmission at high speed (up to 10 MHz with RS422)
    • Line delay compensation
    • Consideration of slave processing times
    • High transmission reliability through CRC
    • Diagnosis: errors, warnings

More information about the BiSS Interface

BiSS is a trademark of iC-Haus GmbH