Small but powerful.

Push Button Simulator


The SensoButton is a "fine little thing" from Sensodrive.
Thanks to sophisticated force feedback, it can simulate any push button with impressive realism.
Use the SensoButton to simulate the haptics of a perfect push button.
You can easily configure the switch's return path, install several snap-in points or change the damping and hysteresis behavior of the SensoButton.

Simulate the button you want. And make it.
Perfect – just like in the simulation.

We took the programming of the SensoButton off your hands, so your push-button simulator can be used immediately!

Force-Feedback Configurator

Der Force-Feedback Druckknopf SENSO-Button simuliert Druckknöpfe täuschend echt - the force feedback push button SENSO-Button can simulate any push button

SensoButton Special features

  • With renowned Sensodrive force feedback technology
  • All simulation parameters adjustable via software:
    • Number of snap-in points
    • Snap-in intensity
    • Damping behavior
  • Ideal for simulation and development of push buttons

Technical data

Nominal force 15 N
Maximum force 25 N
Position sensor resolution 0,1 µm
Maximum speed 0,25 mps
Range of motion 0-6 mm
CAN interface 1 Mbaud