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Force-Feedback Steering Wheels


Simulate impeccably. Produce impeccably.

SENSO-Wheels are the classic SENSODRIVE force feedback product.
The steering wheel simulators are recognized worldwide and made for the highest quality simulations.

Experience decades of force feedback experience and flawlessly matched components.
Feel the renowned SENSODRIVE controller technology and the quality of each component.
Steer perfection.

Use the force feedback steering wheel configurator to easily find the SENSO-Wheel that best meets your requirements.

Force-Feedback Configurator

Der stärkste Force-Feedback Lenkrad-Simulator für Anwendungen mit außerordentlich hohem Drehmoment ist das SENSO-Wheel HT - the best steering wheel simulator for applications with a high torque is the SENSO-Wheel HT

Special features of the SENSO-Wheel steering wheel simulators

  • Extraordinarily sensitive force feedback
  • Dynamic servo drives – high-torque and durable
  • Compact, powerful controller
  • Freely programmable parameters: Steering wheel torque, damping, friction and spring stiffness
  • Realistic simulation of end stops
  • Fast communication interface via CAN
  • Perfect compatibility with all SENSODRIVE force feedback products


Rated torque 5 Nm
SENSO-Wheel SD-LC's "little brother" is compact and lightweight.

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Rated torque 7,5 Nm
The SENSO-Wheel SD-LC is the unmatched simulator drive for demanding tasks.

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Rated torque 24 Nm
The SENSO-Wheel HT is the most powerful simulator drive on the market.

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Options and accessories

We offer a variety of options for our SENSO-Wheel products that make it easier for you to integrate them into your simulator and help you save time and development costs. If you require special adaptations, we will develop a suitable solution for you quickly and cost-effectively.

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