SENSO-Wheel Options

Made for any application.

Completely personalize your product with force feedback optional extras.
The options available to you are easily accessible through the force feedback configurator.

SENSODRIVE. Perfection for everyone.


Force-Feedback configurator


Tabletop Rack

The Tabletop Rack allows extremely quick and easy use of the SENSO-Wheel steering wheel simulator. (Fig. Tabletop Rack with SENSO-Wheel incl. steering wheel)

Basic Stand

Mount your SENSO-Wheel easily to the aluminum Basic Stand.
The frame fixes the engine and steering wheel stably and enables quick setup. (Fig. Basic Stand with SENSO-Wheel incl. steering wheel)

Steering wheel

The leather steering wheel is extraordinarily robust and contains a special flange that fits directly on the motor shaft.

Passive SENSO-Pedals

The passive SENSO-Pedals are sturdy simulator pedals that can cope with any requirement thanks to adjustable force and route.

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Steering Torque Sensor

The Steering Torque Sensor is used for the highly accurate measurement of torques on the steering wheel.

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Mechanical End Stop

The Mechanical End Stop allows you to mechanically limit the number of steering wheel turns.

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USB-CAN Interface (recommended)

The USB-CAN Interface is used to control the SENSO-Wheel via the PC – safely, quickly and reliably. You can also use our free GUI with the help of the USB-CAN Interface.


GUI (included as standard)

Among other things, GUI facilitates the initial setting up of the SENSO-Wheels. You can also use GUI to load firmware updates easily. Can only be used with USB-CAN-Interface!

ADAS and Autonomous Driving Kit

The superposed position controller allows you, among other things, to test or develop driver assistance functions (ADAS) and autonomous driving.

Steering Model

The software model adjusts the steering wheel's force feedback behavior based on the vehicle speed in the simulation. For a realistic driving experience.

Customized Solutions

If you require special adaptations, we will develop a suitable solution for you quickly and cost-effectively.