Take a joyride into the future.

Simulator Cockpit


There are many driving simulators.There's only one time machine.
Get closer to your vehicle's future with the SENSODRIVE TimeMachine.
Its motto: Perfect force feedback components, perfect simulations, perfect results.

The simulator cockpit SENSO-TM can be equipped according to your wishes with products from our force feedback range.

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Special features of the SENSO-TM simulator cockpit

  • Sensitive force feedback, brilliant simulations
  • Switch from automatic to manual at the touch of a button
  • Various feedback settings selectable - prepared for every task
  • All components are already installed on the finished simulator – so you can start right away.
  • Standard equipment or individual variant?
    The simulator cockpit SENSO-TM can be equipped according to your wishes with products from our force feedback range.

Technical data

Dimensions (LxBxH) approx. 1750mm x 746mm x 1400mm
Weight approx. 240 kg
Material Aluminum profile frame with multiplex and aluminum cladding

Standard equipment of the SENSO-TM

SENSO-Wheel SD-LC including steering wheel

The SENSO-Wheel SD-LC is the force feedback drive for the most demanding tasks.

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Passive SENSO-Pedals

The passive SENSO-Pedals are sturdy simulator pedals that can cope with any requirement thanks to adjustable force and route.

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The SENSO-Shifter is the undisputed high-performance gear shift simulator.

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Cockpit and driver's seat




Der stärkste Force-Feedback Lenkrad-Simulator für Anwendungen mit außerordentlich hohem Drehmoment ist das SENSO-Wheel HT - the best steering wheel simulator for applications with a high torque is the SENSO-Wheel HT

Alternative steering wheel drives

Find out about the available SENSO-Wheel types.

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Active SENSO-Pedals Pro

The active SENSO-Pedals Pro open up unique applications with state-of-the-art force feedback.
From trucks to sports cars – at the push of a button? No problem!

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The SENSO-Stick is the futuristic force feedback joystick with three active degrees of freedom.

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The SENSO-Button simulates every push button with impressive realism.

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The SENSO-Knob enables the clever simulation and development of rotary knobs.

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Control the SENSO-TM by touch without getting out of the cockpit. For developers and testers.

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