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Control the SensoTM simulator cockpit and all included force feedback products via the large touchscreen.

For developers: With the touchscreen, you program the SensoTM's force feedback behavior the way you need it, without having to get out of the cockpit.
For subject testing: Use the screen for your tests – for example, to give instructions to test subjects.

Force-Feedback Configurator

Der Touchscreen für das Simulatorcockpit SENSO-TM - touchscreen for the simulator cockpit SENSO-TM


Touchscreen special features

  • completely installed – in the simulator cockpit's central console
  • extraordinarily high screen quality
  • enables the simulator to be adjusted directly from the cockpit

Technical data

Product Dell 22 S2240T Touchscreen Monitor
Size 21,5" (54,6 cm)
Display type LED backlit LCD monitor