The New Dream Team: SensoJoints + ROS

SensoJoints now speak ROS
Sensodrive 2021 has developed an innovative driver software that enables communication between SensoJoints and ROS software. This means that the powerful Sensodrive complete drives can now be easily integrated into any ROS-based robot system.

The ROS (Robot Operating System) modular framework has become one of the most popular prototyping platforms for robot development in recent years. Almost all research groups in robotics now use ROS at least in part.

Successful development partnership with the Slovak Technical University
The new ROS interface was developed as part of a master's thesis at Sensodrive's partner university STU (Slovak Technical University). Sensodrive supervised the thesis entirely, defined its aim and the software tools, and provided a SensoJoint for its development.

The next step: An open source solution for the ROS community
Based on the presented results of the master's thesis, Sensodrive will make the developed solution available to the entire ROS community as open source software as soon as possible – so that it will be possible for every ROS developer to use SensoJoints quickly and easily in their own projects.