Only flying is more beautiful
Only flying is more beautiful


Deceptively real

Our force-feedback-system SENSO-Wheel is the drive for your simulator, which gives you the feeling for the road.

Sensitive force-feedback at the dynamic of the drive is the particular advantage of the SENSO-Wheel. The torques calculated in the simulation are placed into the driver's hand precisely and interference-free via the SENSO-Wheel. Freely programmable stiffness, damping and friction in combination with an additionally commanded torque perfect the realistic steering perception.

The software end stops can be set by the user according to the specific requirements. The strong servo drive produces deceptively real mechanical end stops.



Human-Robot Collaboration – Funding Project of the BMBF

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Robots should work closely together with humans. Whether in the form of lifting aids or in production lines - Human-Robot-Collaboration (MRK) is highly topical.

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