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Torque Technology Product World.

In our torque technology product world, you will find everything you need for successful torque control.

You choose how much you want to benefit from our services.
From high-end torque sensors to the SensoJoints, ready-to-install joint drives.
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Years of experience. Well-known customers. Global success stories.

Rely on the powerful performance of Sensodrive torque technology.

Torque Sensors

Patented technology that has been globally successful for over fifteen years – see what makes our torque sensors so special.

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A strong unit: Sensodrive optimized torque sensor + Harmonic Drive® gearbox + output bearing.

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The torque-controlled drive in a complete package: Sensodrive optimized torque sensor + Harmonic Drive® gearbox + output bearing + powerful motor + angle encoder + motor controller

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Motor Controller

Based on our standard products, we can develop a motor controller that is made exactly for you and your application.

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