Innovation in the operating room.

Medical technology

Vibration damping for surgical microscopes

Sensodrive proves that innovations are at home not only in the industry, but also in the operating theater.

With our innovative approach, we can prevent disruptive and sometimes dangerous vibrations of surgical microscopes through torque technology.

The status quo: The microscopes' huge, heavy stands are equipped with motors to assist the doctor in guiding the microscope.
But what if the doctor needs to let go of the microscope to have both hands free?
The drives' brakes engage and vibration damping can no longer be operated by the motors.

With our patented technology, we offer another way.
We do not apply brakes, but keep the microscope's position stable after it has been released by means of active vibration damping. The brakes are only used in an emergency, if the position changes beyond a limit value.
The result: The motors remain unblocked, vibrations are still balanced out and operations are performed better, faster and safer than ever.

Active vibration damping became possible thanks to our thorough expertise in torque-controlled drives, including Sensodrive torque sensors, motor controllers and state-of-the-art control engineering.

Because progress and reality go together – Sensodrive.


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