The future is torque controlled
The future is torque controlled

Torque controlled drives

Measuring and damping vibrations 

Light-weight construction:

The topic of light-weight construction does not only play a crucial role in the aerospace industry. The increase of clock cyclesstipulated by industry is only possible by a minimization of mass and inertia.  Mobile systems will be increasingly put into operation in service robotics and factory automation in the future. Several studies are predicting enormous growth for compact, light drive units.

Compact drives and sensor actuators:

The DLR light-weight robots, that is, their drives, are a prime example of the implementation of mechatronic thought. Light-weight construction is, among other things, achieved by going up to the load limits of the materials, applying light-weight materials and using ultralight Harmonic Drive gearboxes. Light-weight construction is, however, traded-off dearly by higher elasticity, which in the normal case leads to intolerable vibrations. 

It is our philosophy to measure vibrations and then to actively damp them. With the integrated torque sensor, which was especially developed for this application, desired forces and torques can be exerted on the environment in addition to the pure vibration absorption. The sensors are completely integrated into the drive by us and connected to the servo controller via a sensory interface.

Custom-built drives and control systems:

Frequently the systems available on the market only inadequately fulfill the required specifications. The most frequent reasons for this are both limits in weight and construction space and also specific demands of control engineering. We are in the position to develop and deliver a custom-made solution for your application.

Winders (for e.g. foils) function more precisely and with less loss of material. Medical devices have been able to be equipped with new features and cars of the future have been and will be put to the test with our components.

Presentation at the Robotics Conference in Dresden

14th to 15th November 2018, Hilton Hotel Dresden

At the 4th "Robotics in the Automotive Industry" conference at the Hilton Hotel in Dresden, you will have the opportunity to get in touch with top-class industry experts, take part in workshops and make your professional network strong for the future.

In the course of the event, SENSODRIVE CEO Norbert Sporer will be giving a short presentation...

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